Monday, May 12, 2008

almost there!

Today I realized that I will be missing school at least one day every week for the rest of the school year! I'm not sure if I want time to slow down or speed up. I want it to hurry up and be summer, but I am not looking forward to leaving all my friends in a little more than three months. With all these distractions it's important that I get my work done as efficiently as possible so I can enjoy this last month of high school.

Last week I read a lot more fairy tales and began writing my paper. I have an opening paragraph and a bulk of my research done. My thesis is that fairy tales are not just silly childish tales; they can apply to modern times and to adults as well. My three avenues will be analyzing the Brothers Grimm, Hans Anderson, and Aesop individually. I still need a transition at the end of the paragraph.
Here's my opening paragraph:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Ugly Duckling, and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing are all familiar fairy tales told to us since childhood. They are often dismissed as childish and foolish tales. Maybe it is the talking animals or powerful wizards that turn people away, but the lessons and morals are far from childish. The lessons conveyed behind the fairy godmothers and magic spells are lessons to keep in mind even after adolescence. Fairy tales have stood the test of time thanks to three main storytellers Aesop, Brothers Grimm, and Hans Anderson. Each of these authors can be attributed with the success of timeless fairy tales.

It is crucial this week that I stay on schedule, if I fall behind, it is just going to snowball and leave me with a lot of work for Thursday night. So here is my plan for this week --
Tuesday - in class I plan to write my paragraph on Aesop. Then Tuesday night I am going to write my body paragraph on the Grimms.
Wednesday - I am going to write my final body paragraph on Hans Anderson. Wednesday night I am going to write my conclusion and finish my paper.
Thursday - I am going to a field trip to Chelsea Piers with photo, so I won't be in class. Thursday night I am going to put finishing touches on my paper so it will be ready to hand in on Friday.
Friday - paper due!